Quality Policy

Continuous quality improvement, customer service, and a safe working environment are cardinal values at American Bridge UK Limited (ABUK). At ABUK, our most important resources are our employees. With our unique experience and technical expertise, we are able to build some of the most challenging civil construction projects in the world. Our system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System’ as well as NHSS 20 Execution of Steelwork in Transportation Infrastructure Assets’ and is intended to direct our efforts toward company-wide continuous improvement in project execution and ultimately client satisfaction. 

ABUK is committed to operating as an effective team of skilled, dedicated professionals, continually building customer confidence, and trust in the projects we build. It is imperative that each of us develops an understanding of our System, that we follow the requirements and participate in the improvement process by our attention and diligence to implementing the system. Finally, through our awareness of customer needs and requirements, our commitment to customer satisfaction, and our persistence to build quality projects, ABUK will continue to be esteemed as a leader in delivery of complex construction projects. 

Performance Objectives 
  • “Right first time” is central to our operations and a core value of ABUK 
  • We are committed to building projects that meet our contract requirements by safely executing work every day while meeting project schedule and budget requirements. 
  • We are committed to continuously strengthen ABUK’s quality culture. 
  • We, as a team and as individuals, strive to achieve the established project requirements the first time and review our work processes to achieve continuous improvement by reducing inefficiency and nonconformances in project execution and implementing value-added work practices to support project execution. 
  • We are committed to maintaining open communication with our partners and stakeholders to establish and achieve mutually agreed upon objectives. 
  • We are committed to maintaining a workforce that is trained, competent and experienced appropriate to their job function and to ensure that levels of competency are maintained.   
Core Beliefs 
  • Quality goals are achieved through a process of open communication, trust, and a partnering atmosphere that addresses concerns before they escalate. 
  • Quality is achieved by accurate planning, coordination, supervision, and technical direction; the proper definition of job requirements and documented procedures; and the use of appropriately skilled personnel performing their work functions with care. 
  • Quality is verified by reviewing, checking, inspecting, and testing work activities identified in our Inspection and Test Plans and performed by individuals who are not directly responsible for the work activity. Quality is confirmed by qualified personnel who perform audits of projects and the QMS processes and procedures. 

Our policy will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary. 


Published June 2019