Fatigue Management Policy

This policy statement sets out the arrangements of American Bridge UK Ltd (ABUK) in respect of managing hours worked to minimise fatigue in accordance with Network Rail standard NR/L2/OHS/003 Management of Fatigue and the Railway & Other Guided Transport Systems (ROGS) 2006 standard.  

Fatigue is a feeling of extreme tiredness and being unable to perform work effectively. It is a state of impairment that can result from prolonged working, heavy workload, insufficient rest and inadequate sleep. Symptoms can include mental and/or physical elements and can include reduced or impaired concentration, compromised judgement and slower reaction times 

ABUK is committed to providing and maintaining safe systems of work for all its workers, including those whose work involves shift work, extended hours or on-call arrangements.  

ABUK will risk assess the scheduling of work patterns for relevant workers following the HSE Fatigue Risk Assessment guidelines and internal working hours spreadsheet to ensure minimum risk of fatigue is achieved and will monitor compliance on an ongoing basis, and If appropriate, this will be done in liaison with the client. 

Employees of the company must, at all times, exercise diligence in monitoring their hours worked, including any other/additional employment working, to ensure overall compliance with the limitations detailed below. Any employee must not commence or continue work if he or she is fatigued to such an extent that their condition may prejudice his or her safety or the safety of others.  

It is a condition of employment with the company that all employees and subcontractors shall comply with the following arrangements when working on a Network Rail project. 

  • A maximum of 14 hours door to door 
  • No more than 12 hours to be worked per period of duty/shift 
  • No more than 72 hours to be worked in any 7day period 
  • A minimum of 12 hours rest between booking off from a period of duty/shift to booking on for the next period of duty/shift 
  • No more than 13 periods of duty to be worked in any 14-day period 

The company will not accept any deviation from the above conditions unless emergency conditions prevail, in which case a risk assessment will be carried out to ensure necessary additional working hours, to those rostered, are compliant with current Network Rail Company Standards and Railway Group Standards.  

 No other employment working times should impact on the above to either exceed the limitations or compromise the flexibility of the workforce of the company.  

In order to comply with this policy and to maintain the stated and accepted standards of the company, the following must be adhered toat all times: 

  • Avoid, wherever possible, other employment  
  • Notify the Human Resources Manager should other employment working times impact on the limitations outlined above 


This policy statement will be reviewed annually or following significant changes.  


Published June 2019