Drugs and Alcohol Policy

American Bridge UK (ABUK) are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment to protect the welfare of our employees, contractors and those who may be affected by our works. This policy statement details the commitment of ABUK to establish and implement a culture of zero tolerance to the misuse of drugs and/or alcohol. 

Employees and subcontractors are prohibited from consuming, distributing, possessing, selling or using controlled substances while on duty and must not be under the influence of any substance such as drugs or alcohol whilst at work.  

ABUK will: 
  • Maintain a zero-tolerance approach to the use or abuse of drugs or alcohol 
  • Carry out testing in the following circumstances: 
  • Random testing on all personnel, this will typically cover at least 5% per annum 
  • For-cause/post incident testing following an accident/incident where human error or behaviours may be involved 
  • Routine and pre-employment testing prior to job placement in accordance with our Clients requirements 
  • Ensure all specimens are collected ensuring that the safety, health and dignity of the person being tested is maintained at all times 
  • Ensure the integrity of the sample is maintained by only using trained collection officers who dispatch the sample under a chain of custody to an approved testing centre (ISO 17025 accredited) 
  • Provide counselling/support to personnel who admit to drugs or alcohol abuse prior to testing 
  • Inform individuals of the site-specific arrangements including client requirements and limits as part of the site induction 


Should an employee be taking a drug due to health matters, whether prescribed or not, this must be declared to line management immediately so that an assessment on the effects of the drug can be established and reasonable adjustments put in place if required.  

If any employee suspects that another employee may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol then this should be reported immediately to their line manager.  

Any person found violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action which could include termination. If individuals refuse to co-operate with testing they will also be subject to disciplinary action.  

A person who tested positive for drugs or alcohol will be suspended from their duties pending an investigation. If the individual who has tested positive wishes to appeal the positive result they may do so by requesting the testing of the ‘B’ sample. The ‘B’ sample is automatically held by the service provider having been taken at the same time as the original ‘A’ sample. The testing of the ‘B’ sample must be requested within 5 days unless stated otherwise. 


 This policy statement will be reviewed annually or following significant changes.  

Published June 2019