BIM Policy

American Bridge UK Limited are committed to delivering the highest possible standard of work to our clients and the wider project team. We use a combination of innovative thinking and established best practice to add value to the projects we work on.   


BIM is a process where information and technology is combined to digitally represent a project across its entire lifecycle. BIM integrates data from many sources and develops in parallel with the real project. Use of BIM goes beyond the planning and design phase of the project, extending throughout the building life cycle and supporting processes. The information produced through the BIM process offers greater potential for scrutiny, verification and validation which more efficiently enables the identification and removal of errors, mistakes and ambiguity delivering right first-time information for the project.     

We are committed to the implementation of BIM on our projects and fully support the collaborative environment it creates in order to achieve effective and efficiently designed, constructed and managed projects.   


To support BIM on our projects we will:  
  • Discuss on a project by project case and from the outset the potential benefits of BIM with our client, suppliers, and the wider project stakeholders 
  • Work with our clients and the wider project team to achieve the benefits of an integrated BIM system 
  • Work in accordance with the requirements of ‘PAS 1192 Specification for information management’ and ‘BS EN ISO 19650 Organisation of information about Construction works’ 
  • Undertake all work in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System in order to ensure that data we provide is accurate and appropriate 
  • Engage with all members of our supply chain early in the project life cycle to form an integrated team. This is to ensure that knowledge is shared and benefits are gained from the outset with all decisions made being ‘best for project’ 
  • Continue to invest in resourcing and training our staff with the necessary software, knowledge and expertise to deliver BIM on all relevant projects 
  • Regularly review our BIM implementation, modifying our working practices and standardised processes where required, in order to to continually improve our processes 


We will review this policy for continued suitability as a minimum annually and will ensure any changes in procedure are adopted by all staff.  


Published June 2019